Sarah Robey, MS, PA-C, retiring 4/2022

I have always felt that I was a Health Care Family Partner more than a Provider. I have been on a greater-than-40-year journey with many of you. Some of you I have known since you were babies. For many, I knew your parents, grandparents, your aunts and uncles. I have seen you grow and raise your own families. As for my patients in their 90s, it is particularly heart-wrenching to leave.


I started practice in Wiscasset in 1979, becoming part of the community, and I have put down deep roots. In many ways I feel like an encyclopedia of family stories. You have all shared so much with me. I hope that book of stories will continue to grow. I will remain as part of our community and will be honored to continue to contribute in other ways. My colleagues are dear friends and we will stay connected.

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