An update from the Doctor

April 7, 2020 

Hello WFH community –
—-or should I say “healow”? Right, that’s the “app” for access to our portal and helps with all this telehealth stuff.
I would prefer to see you, talk face to face, and connect with how you and your family are, what’s happening in this difficult time, what’s good and what is hard, but this is the safest way to communicate for now. I’m grateful for the technology, so we can all keep in touch!

Please call or email with concerns, questions and expect to be offered a “telehealth” visit. This is our way of documenting updates for all of our patients, as well as keeping up to date with your health care needs. We find ourselves covering for a lot of specialty offices,who are now closed or have limited hours, which is fine by us, but may take a little longer to respond based on tracking down records and background information, please continue to be patient.

At the office, we continue to “pre-screen” everyone coming in and have started wearing masks when we will be within 6 feet. As always, we are scrubbing every surface after any contact. The recommendations are ever changing and we are striving to stay on top of the latest information to keep our patients and staff safe.

On the plus side – have you ever seen this many people out walking in April in Maine? Greetings are physically distant, but emotionally warm. Mainers are coming together in our love of the outdoors and our interest in supporting each other.

I have been formulating this idea based on a recent post I read… This may be the end of the term “just a”. There are no more “just a” jobs – you are “just a teacher/hairdresser/nurse/gas station attendant/cashier/stay at home dad/day care provider/family medicine doctor” anymore. It turns out we are all pretty necessary to make a community function and thrive. Let’s reach out to the people we are missing and thank them and remind them we will be here for them on the other side, whenever that will be.

Cortney Linville, DO

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